Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work

Social Work Programs at UCCS

The Department of Social Work at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) empowers students to make a significant difference in the lives of others. 

About the Department

Social Work students develop the skills to improve the well-being of those around them through direct practice with individuals, groups, and families and community-focused initiatives.

Graduates become leaders, advocates, and social justice champions, dedicated to creating a better future for all. UCCS offers an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community and improve lives.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

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Bachelor of Social Work, BSW

The Bachelor of Social Work program is designed to equip students for careers in a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that advocates for social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people.

Master of Social Work, MSW

Traditional Program

The Master of Social Work program prepares students to change lives and communities for the better through ethical and competent trauma-informed social work practice.

Master of Social Work, MSW

Advanced Standing Program

Students who hold an undergraduate social work degree from an accredited social work program may be eligible for the MSW Advanced Standing Program at UCCS.

School Social Work Endorsement

At UCCS social work, you can apply for a special services provider license with a school social worker endorsement to provide social work services in the Colorado public school district or charter school.

Professional Licensure

The Department of Social Work at UCCS must comply with Fed. Reg. 34 CFR § 668.43(c) by informing you of our accreditation and licensure status for the UCCS MSW program, including whether our education meets the requirements for licensure in your state and where to find more information.

Course Schedules

The UCCS College of Public Service (CPS) offers flexible delivery of courses, with options for both online and on-campus classes each semester.

Field Education

Social work field education is an integral component of the social work program at UCCS.

The program provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in various social work competency areas while making a difference in their local community.

Become a Social Work Field Instructor

The Department of Social Work relies on field education and community agencies to help produce competent practitioners. The department is always looking for community partners to become field instructors for Social Work degree programs.

Accreditation Information

The UCCS Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work are both accredited by the Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation.

Accreditation of a baccalaureate or master’s social work program by the Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation indicates that it meets or exceeds criteria for the assessment of program quality evaluated through a peer review process.

An accredited program has sufficient resources to meet its mission and goals and the Commission on Accreditation has verified that it demonstrates compliance with all sections of the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards. Accreditation applies to all program sites and program delivery methods of an accredited program.

Accreditation provides reasonable assurance about the quality of the program and the competence of students graduating from the program. For more information about social work accreditation, you may contact Accreditation.

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Learn more about Social Work at UCCS through department information sessions, available in person and virtually.

Outstanding Students of the Year

Tara Blanchard
BSW Outstanding Student Fall 2023

Tara chose to pursue her undergraduate degree in social work because she wanted to "pay it forward" in a way that helped people and made a difference in their lives. Her ideal world would incorporate social workers into clinical settings for families that utilize applied behavior analysis interventions, more commonly referred to as ABA. 

Tara's inspiration comes from work she is currently doing with Bright Behavior Incorporated and Autism Vision of Colorado. She is currently a registered behavioral technician for Bright Behavior Inc. providing direct one-on-one behavioral interventions to teach communication, social, and daily living skills to children on the Autism spectrum. She has also stepped up to advocate for policy change to help families access resources. Tara sits on the board for Autism Vision of Colorado, a non­profit organization that seeks to educate the community and create a safe place for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Her focus is on providing resources to families while simultaneously building their support system. 

Academically, Tara is just as motivated. She received her associate degree in psychology before working for a few years. When she returned to school, she did so part-time. Tara took on a full course load after being awarded a Kane Scholarship. Kane  Scholarships are only awarded to top-performing students that hold a 3.5 GPA or higher and show consistent, long-term extracurricular involvement. Tara helped create the Delta Kappa Phi chapter of the Phi Alpha Social Work Honor Society and currently holds the secretary and treasurer positions. 

Tara will be pursuing her Master of Social Work in the fall of 2024 as an advanced  standing student. She feels honored to be awarded as the "BSW Student of the Year"  for the fall 2023 graduating class and says that it feels as though the small, intentional steps she has taken over the last several years have finally paid off. Her advice to fellow students: "Bring your vulnerability to the table, don't be afraid to ask for help and use campus resources. 

Ana Ortiz-Mejias
Outstanding MSW Student - Spring 2023

"The UCCS MSW program facilitated my learning and growth both inside and outside of the classroom. My professors taught me the skills to be an exceptional social worker, provided me with their unique and wonderful wisdom, and advocated for and believed in me to achieve things that I did not think I was ever capable of."

Ana Ortiz-Mejias is a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) graduate, artist, and human rights activist. She grew up in Colorado Springs but considers her home as both Colorado and Costa Rica. As a second-generation Latina, one of her passions has been to advance immigrant rights. During her MSW program, she worked with the immigrant population directly and has written an article for publication that focuses on the mental health needs of unaccompanied immigrant minors and how best to support them in our communities and schools with her professor and a pediatrician. Ana is interested in further developing her clinical skills, specifically to bring culturally responsive, decolonized clinical care to marginalized populations. In her free time, she enjoys making art, spending time with family and friends, being outside, and dancing.

Contact the Department

If you have any questions regarding Social Work programs offered at UCCS, you can reach out to the department via email at or by calling (719) 255 - 4048.

Additionally, you can submit the contact form below to connect with the department, and a member from the department will get back to you directly.