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Alumni & Community Resources

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CPS Advisory Board

The College of Public Service (CPS) Advisory Board advises the dean and connects UCCS to the local community. Board members are passionate about our campus and committed to serving the people of the Pikes Peak Region and Southern Colorado.

Giving Opportunities

Giving to the College of Public Service at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) benefits students in several ways. Ultimately, philanthropic support for the College of Public Service helps to ensure that UCCS students have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive academically and professionally.

Access to Resources

Giving to CPS provides students with access to a range of resources, such as scholarships, internships, and research opportunities, which can help them gain valuable experience and develop critical skills.

Quality Education

Donations can support the recruitment of high-quality faculty and staff, who can provide students with exceptional education and mentorship.

Program Development

Giving to the College of Public Service can also help fund the development of new programs and initiatives, allowing students to explore emerging areas of study and gain a competitive edge in their future careers.

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