Criminal Justice, BACJ

Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

120 Credits

About the Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (BACJ) program is designed to equip criminal justice professionals with both academic and practical knowledge. Using an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes the liberal arts, this program covers a broad range of topics that are essential to the field. Upon completion of the degree, students will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the social and behavioral contributors to crime and delinquency using insights from multiple disciplines and research traditions
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the institutions in the criminal justice system and how politics and policy-making affect these institutions
  • Utilize critical thinking and communication skills in practical contexts
  • Understand the ethical concerns that arise in the criminal justice field
  • Recognize how perceptions of the criminal justice system vary across cultures and how these differences influence policy and public opinion.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program is an excellent option that provides a well-rounded education in this increasingly interdisciplinary field.

Focus of Study

The program's focus of study is on providing a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system and the social and behavioral factors that contribute to crime and delinquency. It is an interdisciplinary approach that draws from various fields, including law, sociology, psychology, and political science.

Additionally, the program emphasizes practical critical thinking and communication skills, ethical concerns in the criminal justice field, and cross-cultural differences in policy and public perception.

Program Requirements for Admission

Information about requirements and the application process for the BACJ program can be found on the UCCS Admissions page.

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Specialization Track Options

As part of their degree requirements, students must complete 9 elective credit hours in Criminal Justice. They may choose to use these electives to fulfill the requirements of one of the CJ Option Areas:

While specializations are not mandatory, they can be beneficial for students who wish to specialize in a particular area and acquire knowledge and skills related to their interests.

Program Coursework

Please visit the UCCS Academic Catalog for the most up-to-date list of program courses, course descriptions, and detailed program requirements.

Admission Details

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